Programme Details

Short Name IT_DEDE
Name of the programme Centro Trattamento Maltrattanti (CTM)
Country Italy
Town Forlì (FC)
Name of organisation running the programme DELFI Associazione Culturale
Contact Person Andrea Spada
Email address ctm.forli(at)
Website of the organisation
Phone number (including international dialling code) +39054330518
The programme started in the year 2014

Programme characteristics

Perpetrators convicted by the criminal court and required to attend our programme as part of a community based sentence0
Perpetrators convicted by the criminal court, sentenced to prison and attending the programme whilst in prison21
Perpetrators referred by social services/child protection11
Perpetrators referred by family court during child custody/access processes4
Perpetrators self referred / voluntarily attending8
Perpetrators referred from other sources7

Funding Source

  • EU / national /regional /municipal government funds
  • Contribution by client
  • Private Funds (donations, etc.)

Services offered

  • Interventions with sexual offenders
  • Interventions with child abuse offenders


  • Approved or accredited by any institution or professional body.

Content of your work / Approaches

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)

Main Goals

Main goal 1To stop aggressive behaviours to happen in domestic context.
Main goal 2To offer help to violence perpetrators.
Main goal 3To foster awareness towards domestic violence issue.

Core Elements

  • Gender roles and stereotypes (masculinity and femininity)
  • Gender-specific power and control
  • Attitudes and beliefs that support violence
  • Accountability / responsibility for the violent behaviour
  • Effects of domestic violence on the victim /


Manual usedn/a

Programme Statistics

How many sessions does your programme (usually) offer20
How many months does your programme usually last (without follow-up)6
How many men have been referred to your programme last year13
How many have attended at least one session51
How many have finished the programme4

Partner Services

  • Individual support
  • Group work
  • Regular support during the programme participation of client
  • Proactive contacts (contacts initiated by the support service)
  • Risk assessment and safety planning
  • Individual support for children victims / wit

Programme Staffing

Full or part time Programme manager (in full time equivalents)1
Practice manager/supervisor (full time equivalents)1
Perpetrator workers (full time equivalents)2
Partner support workers (full time equivalents)0
Clinical supervisor (hours / month)3

Context of your work

  • Police
  • Criminal Court
  • Civil / Family Court
  • Family services
  • Social Services
  • Women's counselling services
  • Women's shelter/refuge
  • Child's victims / witnesses services
  • Youth welfare office / Child protection services
  • Genera

Involvement in Anti-violence strategies

  • We sit on the national/local steering group for policy to respond to domestic violence or violence against women and girls
  • We share information with other local agencies about the impact of the strategy


  • We do have a local structure for sharing information about risks from individual domestic violence perpetrators.

Sources of outcome measurement

  • Information from victim support services
  • Information from other services (eg. social services, health services, etc...)
  • Police or court reports

Type of measurement

  • Non-violence / decrease of violence

Measure methods

  • By reviewing notes, observations and information

Measure time

  • During the programme / mid-way through the programme
  • When client finishes the programme
  • At follow-up 7 to 12 months after finishing the programme

Risk Assessment Instruments

  • No

Documentation and Reporting

  • Standardised documentation of social statistic data of clients
  • Case oriented, non-standardised documentation of work (e.g. notes, etc.)
  • Data on completion and drop-out
  • Annual statistics
  • Annual activity report

Organisation Type

A private company


Urban area (e.g. Town etc.)

Funding Type

Project based

Programme Type

Individual counselling (except intake phase)

Partner Contact


Type of Partner Contact

Yes, provided by a partner organization



Outcome measurement




WWP-EN Member